Our service is highly experienced with helping babies, children and their families who may;

  • have identified their child as having some difficulties developing fundamental movement and, or motor play skills
  • be on a challenging journey of establishing a cause, diagnosis  for their child’s developmental concerns
  • be diagnosed  with  a specific disorder or syndrome that requires ongoing individualised intervention services or a transition program whilst waiting for public funded services to commence
  • require developmental, physical activity, rehabilitation advice, intervention, after medical, surgical, orthopaedic, procedures (e.g. hip dysplasia bracing, Botox)
  • require a second opinion consultation regarding their child’s motor abilities and individual intervention planning, recommendations

Services & Prices

Initial Consultation

For most infants and children this will take 45 minutes and will involve:

1. an Assessment

a) Information is gathered about your child using a health and developmental history questionnaire

b) Physical Observation of your child’s movement abilities using standardised assessment tools

c) Physical examination of your child’s neurological, musculoskeletal system using standardised neuro-biomechanical & developmental protocols

d) Explanation and discussion of clinical findings and recommendations

e) In consultation with you, your child, intervention goals will be determined, services with TMPPhysio planned and other support services your child is eligible for identified

2. Therapy, play, activities will be shown to you so that you can encourage your child’s development at home

Developmental Coordination Disorder Assessment

The assessment will take 75- 90 minutes

Developmental Coordination Disorder Assessment with Written Report

 A written report will be provided when requested. Please inform Helen prior to the consultation if this is required.

Individual Therapy Session

30-45 minute session
In ongoing therapy sessions Helen will review your child’s motor progress and adapt, progress, the therapy play activities to challenge and develop your child’s abilities and confidence further.

Individual Family Therapy Package

For those families who are unable to access alternate funding supports for their child, see below, and who require intensive physiotherapy support for their child Helen will create an individualised therapy package. Helen can discuss this option with you.

Written Developmental Report, Progress Summary

available on parent request

Private Health Insurance Rebates do vary between Health Insurance companies and the type of plan you have. Please check your insurer for further information on your rebate entitlement.

Government Subsidised Allied Health Programs

Better Start / NDIS

Initial Consultation

This session, 60-90 minutes, will involve an assessment of your child, as written above, background therapeutic and medical history, goal setting with you and your child, commencement of therapy intervention, registration with the commonwealth program and initial liason with your child’s main service provider if given consent.


Medicare Allied Health Initiative Chronic Disease Management Plan

Initial Consultation

Face to face consultation with you and your child 45 minutes

A written report is forwarded to your GP summarising this consultation

Ongoing intervention

45 minute session. At the final session a written report summarising your child’s progress will be forwarded to your GP.

Please Note: This is a fee paying service that needs to be paid after the consultation.  Medicare will only subsidise some of the cost,  there will be a gap.



Better Start / NDIS

Ongoing intervention

45 minute session. An ongoing therapy program is provided


PMH/PCH Post Intervention Therapy Service

Initial Consultation (If first appointment with TMPPhysio)

Face to face consultation with you and your child 40 minutes

Ongoing intervention ( Client known to service)

45 minute session.An ongoing therapy program is provided and written progress reports are provided to the referee.



Equipment Provision, ordering of appliances, consultation with other agencies

Per 10 minutes $20.00

Home , Community, School Visit

By prior arrangement  one hour clinical session (travel included within fee)

Other Services by Arrangement

Handling your newborn, handling your premature infant, practical education programs to enhance your skills and confidence

Introduction to early sensory motor play activities that tune in to your baby’s, child’s individual developmental needs.

Individual consult or Group Session for parenting groups

Infant Massage Individual consult or Group Session for parenting groups –  Adapting techniques for infants, children with specific needs, sensitivities

Aquatic/Hydrotherapy for individual clients